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Our social community-led beach group for all mer-folk.

Mermasc meetups are all about connecting with wai, taiao and our beach-loving LGBTQ+ community. Mermasc trips encourage spending time in the water, making friends, and feeling great, rather than swimming laps. There's nothing like challenging queer-phobic and patriarchal expectations, in numbers! This volunteer-led group is open to all people, with a focus on queer people and all communities typically excluded from mainstream fitness spaces.


Join the group and kōrero via our Facebook Group

  • Reclaiming beach swims with likeminded merfolk.

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Disclaimer – if you are new to exercise or the beach, have any medical conditions or injuries, please ensure you have gained your healthcare provider’s clearance before attending. Although all due care is taken, you are participating at your own risk and must listen to your body at all times. With the sea comes risks - engage based on how you are feeling on the day and act only within your limits. Please ensure you are sun-safe (use sunscreen/a hat) and bring water with you. If you feel unwell or experience any unusual pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and seek assistance.


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