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Empowering community-driven activities.

Radiqal Movement provides the oversight and support of regular community-driven activities that are collaboratively organised and led by community members.

We currently facilitate Dykes n Hikes, Mermascs, and Queer Movie Nights. As a community-driven initiative, the emphasis of these activities is on collective participation rather than individual instruction.

Join the group chats for these initiatives via our Facebook Group

Disclaimer – Please note that our community-driven activities are designed to foster a sense of collaboration and shared experiences. While Radiqal Movement takes measures to minimize risks, participants are individually responsible for their well-being and safety during these activities. We encourage everyone to exercise personal judgment, adhere to guidelines, and be aware of their own limitations. By joining our activities, participants acknowledge and accept personal responsibility for their involvement, understanding that the activities are community-led and may involve inherent risks. Radiqal Movement strives to create a supportive framework, and we appreciate your commitment to a safe and enjoyable community experience.

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