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Celebrating pride month with 'sweat with pride', special events, and more.

Sweat with Pride is an initiative we hold very close to our hearts.

This initiative, run by Burnett Foundation Aotearoa , shares many of the same aspirations we have as an organisation - to ensure our rainbow communities are happy, healthy, and have access to safe, joyful movement opportunities.

Everyday, Radiqal Movement sweats with immense pride; but this June, we ask for donations to be put towards Burnett Foundation to fund projects in partnership with RainbowYOUTH, Outline Aotearoa, and Tīwhanawhana. These organisations provide our whānau with access to health and wellbeing services, support, information, advocacy, and community.

To celebrate, June is PACKED with group fitness classes, special events, and a number of opportunities to move your body and fill your social cup. 

  • Joyful, energetic total-body class, raising money for Sweat with Pride...

    Donation on Entry
  • Vinyasa flow, introducing core Āsana (yoga poses).

  • Free-weight & bodyweight strength & cardio combo.

  • Extend weight training knowledge & confidence.

  • Strengthen & stabilise the core, prevent injury & improve posture.

  • Regular walking & running community-led group around Tāmaki Makaurau


    1 hr

  • Monthly movie screenings of iconic LGBTQ+ movies

To join and/or donate, head to sweatwithpride/radiqalmovement.

We're fighting discrimination with perspiration to support Rainbow Communities..png
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