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Group Fitness Classes @ 70 Stanley Street, Auckland 1010.
Personal Training @ AUT Millennium Gym or local parks (outdoors). 


Open hours:

24/7 online
Physically during class times:
Tuesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm - 7:30pm & Sunday 9:00am-10:00am.


Rather than the superficial 'non-exclusive' nature of traditional gyms, Radiqal Movement takes an inclusive and intersectional approach to fitness, ensuring people and their identities are welcomed, respected and embraced. 

Radiqal Movement challenges heteronormativity and negative stereotypes with it's warm and welcoming environment, highlighted representation, respect and use of people's correct pronouns, teaching of non-gendered fitness, and body-positive stance. At Radiqal Movement, we use exercise to provide our clients with autonomy over their body expression, particularly to combat body dysphoria and increase positive mental health. We do this through our personal training, group fitness classes, run club, and wonderfully inclusive environment. 

Radiqal Movement is one of the first and only fitness platforms in Aotearoa to provide a safe space and tailored fitness opportunities to the LGBTQ community. However, Radiqal Movement welcomes anyone who embraces inclusive fitness and shares our values of inclusivity, respect, and anti-discrimination. Radiqal Movement is the radically inclusive health and wellness community that traditional gym culture has been missing for decades. Providing our services is a crucial step towards improving the mental and physical health of some of New Zealand's most vulnerable communities.
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Everyone deserves to workout in a safe space, rather than in an environment that is superficially 'non-exclusive' and continues to cater to the most privileged.

Mainstream gyms are not often a welcoming, comfortable, or safe space for many people. It is the toxic, hyper-masculinized, and gendered environment, lack of representation, and general disrespect within mainstream gyms that contribute to this. The anxiety and fear associated with the heteronormative and exclusive nature of mainstream gym culture outweigh the potential benefits they are expected to provide.

LGBTQ+ communities already experience unique health disparities - for example, being disproportionately impacted by body dysphoria, eating disorders, and mental illnesses. Gyms are a wide-reaching public resource which should, by definition, improve the health of their customers, rather than creating more barriers to mental and physical wellness. Radiqal Movement addresses this, reducing inequities and improving the health of some of New Zealand's most vulnerable individuals.

It is crucial that the environment and services provided cater specifically to the needs of the queer community. For example, offering transgender people professional fitness guidance surrounding gender affirming surgeries. The reality is, traditional gyms in New Zealand are not a place for queer people. They may be 'supportive' of queer people, but are not actively 'supporting' queer people by embracing inclusiveness and providing tailored fitness opportunities.



Fitness Trainer, qualified in Exercise Science and Public Health.

I am the founder and creator of Radiqal Movement. I built Radiqal Movement to provide a safe space and tailored exercise opportunities for LGBTQIA+ people and other communities underrepresented and often omitted from mainstream fitness spaces.

I am a two-time National Futsal Champion, former International Waka Ama competitor, and have 10+ years of gym training experience.   

Our trainings & classes will challenge your expectations and help you achieve your goals, in a safe and welcoming environment. 


Join the Radiqal Movement. 

~ Lauren Hartridge (she/her) ~

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