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  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Victoria Park, Auckland City. |AUT Millennium Gym|Auckland Domain

Service Description

Grab a friend and motivate each other through a 45 minute personal training session. Feel inspired and encouraged to achieve your individual fitness goals, together. Enjoy moving your body, challenge yourself, and enhance your physical and mental health. Your very first '1-on-2 Personal Training' Session will include an Initial Consultation: 1) Initial consultation: a 30 minute pre-exercise assessment and get-to-know-you chat via zoom with you and your friend. This will include a discussion of exercise history, current fitness ability, and personal fitness goals. 2) Personal Training session: a 45 minute 1-on-2 personal training session at the AUT Millennium Gym or your local Auckland park. We will follow a specific training programme tailored to your goals, go over how to use equipment/machines, and ensure you are feeling positive moving forward. When booking, choose a day/time for the first session, the Initial Consultation Zoom discussion (1). Once booked, a Radiqal Movement trainer will be in contact with you both (via email) to confirm your booking or to organise an alternative day/time. The day/time for your 1-on-2 personal training session will be organised from there. Please note: training at the AUT Millennium Gym endures an additional $10 casual entry fee per individual. There is also the option to purchase an 10-visit concession card for $80 ($8/visit). These additional fees do not apply to current AUT Millennium Gym members. Other training locations include local parks around Auckland (Auckland Domain, Victoria Park etc.). Your preferred location will need to be discussed and confirmed with us prior to making payment. *$90 for two individuals = $45 each.